Stuff I Don’t Like – Post3

The commute.

To be honest, most people don’t like it. I just feel like complaining today. There is no greater pain than knowing that the quickest route to get you somewhere (especially work) takes a long time.

My commute to work typically takes an hour. An HOUR! And traffic is the main culprit. I’ve made the ride to work in 30 minutes, with little to know traffic. I unfortunately had to work the day of the Eagles’ parade, 30 minute drive. Every other day, long ride. Along my route there are a few lane merges that cause a bottleneck. Roads joining and falling off. 4 and 5 lanes becoming 2. It’s ridiculous.

Given that I work in a business area, I must relive it all again on the way home. Sometimes I leave out the house at 630 and get home at 6. No overtime. In ideal situations, I get home at 530…. that’s 11 hours. 11 hours a day away from my home and my family. No one else fault, I accepted the job. Aside for the road makers, those guys deserve a strongly worded letter.

Special thanks to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show for ease the stress.


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